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Hungarian National Archives Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Archives

Our Archives possesses the documents having enduring value of the former Szabolcs County (comitat), a significant part of the archival records of Szatmár County, and fragments from Bereg, Kővárvidék, Ung and Ugocsa counties. Our oldest documents are the charters created before the battle of Mohács (1526).
In addition to administrative documents and the remained records of schools, companies, societies, and parties, our collection also includes more than a thousand maps and an extensive collection of fonds of plentiful individuals and families.
The Nyíregyházi Állami Levéltár was established in 1950 with the fusion of former county archives; in 1968 the name had changed to Szabolcs-Szatmár County Archives, which in 1989 after the name change of our county turned into Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Archives.
In 1999 the Archives moved to the Széchenyi Street. Our customer service is opened for the clients each weekdays, the research room is opened from Tuesday to Friday, on Thursday with extended office hours. The archival research is helped by our 21-thousand-volumes special library and by reprographic services. The most precious documents can be read also in CDs. The opportunity to use microfilms and internet databases is provided in our reading room.
The 8000-linear-meter archival material housed in our central building and repositories in Nyírtelek-Varjúlapos is managed and cataloged by our 23 staff members. Answering reference questions received from individual clients and offices considers a significant part of our duties. Archivists’ duties include also supervising and controlling the original record keepers in our county.
For more than twenty years the Archives has been playing an important role in the cultural life of the region working together with museums, libraries and societies. Besides adult researchers and costumers, students attending to history classes held in the Archives visit us frequently.
Our publications, programs and academic conferences demand popularity. The most recognized setups are the annual International Archival Days and the monthly programs of Múltról mindenkinek (About the Past for Everyone) series when lectures, exhibitions and presentations are organized in every month.
Since 1996 our website provides information about the archival records, our publications, programs, services and the work of our colleagues.
The operation of the Archives is regulated by various laws and acts. Since 1st October 2012 our Archives belongs to the Hungarian National Archives.


Contacts:         Address: Nyíregyháza, Széchenyi u. 4. H-4400
Postal address: Nyíregyháza, Pf. 187. H-4401
Telephone: +36 42/ 414-313
Fax: 36 42/ 414-313

E-mail: szszbmlatmnl [dot] gov [dot] hu

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8,00-15,30

Research room:

Monday: closed

Tuesday, Wendsday: 8,00-15,30

Thursday: 8,00-18,00

Friday: 8,00-13,30